Leo’s first flight (toddler tips!)

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a bit nervous about me and Leo’s first 4 days citytrip together! (Which I booked at Booking.com only a few days before leaving!) Especially considering that I was taking a 1,5 yr old with me on a plane. It wasn’t my first flight alone, but it was my first flight with Leo. Who was a perfect example showing that the terrible two’s can start a few months early..! Despite me being nervous about Leo, it actually wasn’t Leo that caused the problems during our flying adventure!


We started our trip departing from our hometown with the train in the north of the Netherlands at 12.00 and took a 4 hour trainride to Eindhoven airport which lays in the south of the Netherlands. Leo was quite happy, as if he knew we were going on a much needed adventure together! He stayed in the stroller almost the entire trip. He took a 1 hour nap and the rest of the time we read and listen to the books of Marion Billet. (Tip!) We also had a lot of snacks & sang many songs together. So far so good!

At the airport

We arrived at the Eindhoven airport around 16.00 hour and watched the planes departing on the deck behind the restaurant. (Tip!) Leo loved it and I think it helped him understanding what we were going to do. After watching the planes, we checked in with Transavia, which was easy as we were only traveling with hand luggage. (See Traveling with only handluggage.) We were a little bit late, because our flight departed at 17.30 so we rushed to the gate. Now here was the problem..

The flight

I was a bit stressed because it was our first flight and we were a little bit late, so I probably left our boardingpasses somewhere at costums! I had to unpack our bag, hold on to Leo who was done being happy after 6 hours of traveling and trying not to freak out. Everyone else had boarded the plane and I was about the lose it with my stuff all scatter on the floor and a screaming toddler under my arm when the nice guy at the counter called a colleague who confirmed that there was only a adult and baby missing on the plane. I didn’t really feel like an adult at that time but we could go board the plane! So I put everything back in the bag, put the bag in the stroller and walked towards the plane with my happy again toddler! That was until he fell down on the concrete before boarding the plane! His chin was bleeding, but brave as he is he calmed down after the crew took our stroller while I comforted Leo. Since we were causing a delay in the flight, the cabin crew gave us seats in the front of the plane were there was no one sitting in the entire row. We had 3 seats to ourselves! Such luxury and Leo loved playing in his own chair. (Tip!) Something that I actually didn’t book when booking at Skyscanner. (Tip!)

I duck my head down when the pilot apologized for the delay when I knew it was my fault and prayed as if I was the pope that Leo would behave. Which he did! When departing, he had a bottle of milk to ease the ears and for the flight itself I brought some new toys for him to play with in the plane. (Tip!) He loved flying and didn’t scream or cry. I was just so proud of him! I was also very happy to have flown with Transavia as they have helped us a lot and were very patient with me and Leo!

Arival Bologna

We arrived around 20.00 hour at Bologna Airport and had to wait about 15 minutes for the stroller, which was fine. After that, we walked to the shuttle bus that brought us to the trainstation Bologna Centrale. This ride was about an hour and we arrived at Bologna Centrale around 21.30. I had booked a private room at WeBologna. (See Leo’s first trip to Italy!) Where we arrived after a 30 min walk from the trainstration. We had been traveling for 10 hours and where both very tired but also very happy! Apart from crying when Leo fell down, he actually hadn’t cried all day! I’m so proud of him, my little adventurer!

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