Hi guys! Wauw I’ve decided that I wanted a change for me and my little boy Leonardo. Adventures here we come! Let me introduce ourselves a little bit..

My name is Lydia and I’m a mom to my son Leonardo who was born in 2016. When he was born I did some studies from home to start a daycare, so he can stay at home with me. The daycare is a lot of fun, but our true passion is traveling and that’s why I’m currently working towards a more non home-bound job as a freelance writer. Next to traveling, we love making music! Leo is singing 24/7 and we love to play our guitars together.

I feel like we are at the beginning of our adventure and together with my passion for writing they are the reasons I started this blog. I want to show everyone how much fun, traveling with a todler can be! With this, I will also try to find child (& stroler) friendly accomodations & travel destinations that I can share with you and help you plan a great trip with your kids!